Join Sandi on a 12 month live webinar journey through her outstanding book, Lies, Lairs, & the Lioness.


Once a month, tune in for a 20-25 minute conversation with Sandi.


Monthly Webinars include:
  • Liar– Has anyone ever lied to you and you lost yourself in that lie? Discover your internal dialogue of personal truths and begin to believe in yourself.
  • Guilty– I was guilty of loving someone who couldn’t love me back. You can discover love for yourself even when others don’t have the capacity to love you back.
  • Alone– We are better together.  Life can feel lonely but you’re not alone.
  • Choose Life– Life has it’s challenges, let’s choose to live happy.
  • And much more…

For these webinars you’ll need a journal, and it is suggested you have the book,
Lies, Liar, and the Lioness.